Set of 5 MINI Camuflage & Correction
Reference: 5ml
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Set of 5 MINI Camuflage & Correction

Reference: 5ml
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Set of 5 MINI Camuflage & Correction  x 0.17floz / 5ml

• Do not mix pigments of different brands.
• Never touch pigment bottles or pigment containers with contaminated gloves to prevent cross contamination.
• Shake well each time before use.

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ABOUT Biocutem PIGMENTS sets:

IVORY 0.17floz / 5ml

GREEN 0.17floz / 5ml

YELLOW 0.17floz / 5ml

ORANGE 0.17floz / 5ml

LIGHT SKIN 0.17floz / 5ml


Camouflage, light-colored, bright-effect pigment. It is specially designed to provide the basis for camouflage pigments for each photo type. Used as such, it is only suitable for the lightest skin


Utility: Neutralizing for red residues left in the skin

Proportion: green 60% + yellow 20% + black 20%

Temperature: cool

The role of the Green pigment is to cancel by neutralizing the red pigment particles left in the skin after a certain amount of time. With the help of Green, the possible influence of the new brown pigment layer is eliminated.

Green Pigment is highly concentrated; its consumption can be low. It can be used alone in the neutralization procedure or mixed with brown-hot pigments to change their temperature.


Utility: Neutralizing for the blue-gray residues left in the skin.

Orange is used in the procedure of neutralizing old facial tattoos with gray or blue-gray residues. With Orange it avoids the intensification of a cold-cured result after several semi-permanent makeup procedures.



Light camouflage pigment, dedicated to photo types 1 and 2.

It is recommended to use it on small portions with delicate movements. For camouflage of unwanted areas, it is advisable to carry out several sessions.

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