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SoCal BIOCUTEM LLC  Cosmetic company founded in Los Angeles.

    Biocutem is a American company specialized in makeup pigmentation since 1999 in lab from Los Angeles start to produce one of the best pigments from 80% plants toners. We also produce accessories and equipment for this industry, we produce one of the best luxury quality products.


    Our company SoCal Biocutem. LLC. is an international permanent makeup company committed to providing innovative medical and cosmetic solutions to help people maintain their youthful appearace and good health.

Today, Biocutem specialists together with many international teachers focuses on research and development, manufacturing and selling a wide range of popular cosmetology and medical products, from anesthetics to fillers, vitamin cocktails and Lipolytics. Biocutem specialists also specializes in professional cosmetics, carrying over 5 brands with products containing patented formulas.

    The superior quality and effectiveness of our products enable professionals to provide treatments for a variety of skin types and skincare concerns, including the, skin redness and dryness.

    SoCal Biocutem LLC is continually dedicated to finding new, high-performing medical and cosmetic solutions to offer more treatment options for skincare and medical professionals.


    We embrace innovation-endorsing new ideas using a scientific approach and producing the highest quality products that will deliver real results. Our goal is to help people all over the world feel better about themselves, their appearance and gain self-confidence after using our products.


    Today, SoCal Biocutem LLC., Ltd. provides its products to leading dermatologists, and skin care professionals in across the United States, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and China.