Calculating for the multitude of trainees who have recently completed cosmetic / dermopigmentation tattoo classes, they all certainly have the same question. How do I now convince my client to make dermopigmentation?

Getting your first clients in dermopigmentation may seem like a daunting task at first. You've been studying the technique. You spent many hours of sketching on synthetic leather. You have practiced models, improved your consultation skills and completed your training course.

But what next? Will customers begin to call you or go to your studio at once? Not. It will take some time and it takes engagement on your part. We have set out this list of steps you can take to have clients and convince your clients to make a cosmetic tattoo.

As soon as you have ensured that you can operate legally, you will need to start working on the portfolio. The portfolio will be the best thing that potential customers will want to see, before making an appointment. To create this portfolio, consider offering services at a reduced or free price in exchange for a practice. Many independent professionals do this when they start only as photographers, hairdressers, graphic designers, journalists, etc.

Finally, you may want to invest in a good digital camera. A good digital camera will allow you to take good quality photos for before and after work. We recommend a DSLR camera, a white background and a good light. Mobile photos will only be good for social network posts, but if you want to create a beautiful and attractive website, then a good camera would be a necessary investment.

Be always present on social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Make sure you have a good profile that guides you to potential customers. You can use PicsArt to make collages. It's simple and offers a wider choice of options. It also allows you to easily add a watermark in the photo. You should always enter the name, logo or Instagram user name on all photos. This will ensure that no one will assume your work.

Use hashtags. If you post something on your Instagram account and do not use hashtags, posting might be invisible. People find your profile because of hashtags. The more hashtags, the more visibility will have the post. Some of the most common and best known hashtags for microblading are:

#Dermopigmentation #MicrobladingEyebrows #Micropigmentation #Eyebrows

We wish you success!

See you soon,

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